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Abdulwasiu Musa ade


Mafias kings rappers

He is signed to a management team and record label known as Mafias Kings Rappers.


YoungNice Musicalkwaro

Genres:Afrobeats; hip-hop.


He is 23 years of age.

YoungNice is a talented musical artist who has lasted for several years of age, very vibrant and good in his craft and career.

Date Of Birth: 04 – November – 1998


YoungNice is a Nigerian by birth and Nationalization.

State Plateau State

l.G.A : Kanam local government

village: Dengi Town

YoungNice is a Muslim by Religion.

Educational life

YoungNice Attended both Primary and secondary school in serveral state of the country, Nigeria.

He furthers his education, Attending several schools in Nigeria.

Attended Comprehensive Day Secondary School Dengi, Nigeria.

Musical life

Genre: Afro pop

Category: Singer, he can perform in any kind of song.

He is also a songwritter and a composer started singing many years as a hobby

YoungNice is an Artiste and really talented as well in the country..
He is an aspiring singer known for his free styles. He has the ability to flow in any kind of musics But majorly on Afro beat.

He is a guy that picks corrections when corrected on mistakes.

And can perform what he is asked to perform correctly.
However he started having passion for music and creating of different songs.

Number of songs

25 song has been released by this unsigned artist in Nigeria who has archived about;

25 single

Name of hit songs

Hit song: follow me

Name of songs:

(1) yaro
(2) am so glad
(3) boss
(4) money
(5) bawasu ft chindro
(6) mu Yan dengi
(7) Ina mazan
(8) da magana 1
(9) damagana 2
(10) ba lalachi ft Japho
(11) Sana’ah ft magicboy
(12) no be laying
(13) I love music
(14) Anjalina
(15) naja atu
(16) lallaine
(17) true love
(18) dengi garina
(19) DTC music
(20) Musicalkwaro
(21) bamuji ft Mai kano
(22) cover
(23) freestyle
(24) listing
(25) follow me

Collaboration and features


Note; Feature or collaboration, all songs are to his credit and expense.

You can contact this good singer via his various social media handle

Instagram@YoungNice Musicalkwaro
Facebook: @YoungNice Musicalkwaro
WhatsApp number: @ +2347066500487

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