Ful name: David okon ekpe

Stage name: Intrepid

Born: 4 may 1999

Place of birth: Nigeria

State of origin: Akwa Ibom State  and cross river State

Nationalism: Nigerian

Parent doctor okon ekpe and happiness ekpe

Children not yet



Anthony ekpe, patience ekpe, Godwin ekpe, comfort bassey , Samuel bassey, blessing ekpe, progress ekpe , Solomon ekpe

I am the right child of my parent

Intrepid biography


 David Okon Ekpe.

became one of the best rapper , he his musical career since in his nursery School,he create time for music, when he started his musical work people were laughing at him but see him now, when ever he go he can perform well, when he was in ss 1 and ss2 he start publishing himself and notified people to know him as a musician with the name intrepid,he is a Nigerian fast rising rapper,superStar, songwriter and stage performance

Intrepid was born on May 4, 1999 in akwa lbom Nigerian

Educational backgrounds: 

Due to the poor family intrepid was born, he was taken as a house boy in 2012, he served a sadakamer seller at lbaka ,he attended St Theresa RCM school esuk enwang effiat mbo in akwa lbom state Nigeria,he later attend the kings command academy in lbaka when he stay with his mistress,he was very poor academically,he was helping his mistress to sell sadakamer at lbaka at the age of 14 in akwa lbom in that nursery School,we create time for music

He then enrolled in to community secondary School esuk enwang effiat in 2016 in akwa lbom

Now he is preparing to write his waec


Intrepid his a hustle Guy,I start selling kerosene, clothes, vegetables,water leaf, and bore hole water at Calabar,he start his musical career in 2010,he will soon drop on 28th February, 2022


Intrepid is an indigene of effiat obong nim in akwa lbom and cross River , intrepid is consider to be the best rapper ,singer and influencer artist


Intrepid song & album

Below the song will be drop


Social media: 

You can connect with Intrepid using the following social media

Facebook intrepid

Twitter intrepid do

Tiktok intrepid

Instagram @intrepid

Email intrepiddave9@gmail.comhild of my parent


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