Full Name: Bright Etim Eyo

Stage name: TopChat Jombo

Nick name: Topchat Jombo

Label: He isn’t signed to any record label

Manager name:

Album / EP: FLY AWAY

Religion: Christianity

Place of birth: Oron Mbo Local goverment Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Date of Birth 25 years old.

Place of residence: Lagos State.

State of origin: Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Country: Nigeria

Educational life:
He had his primary school education at National Technical College Oyigbo Rivers State after which he proceeded to Community secondary school erema town for his secondary School education…

Family life: He is the third son of his family.

Musical life: He discovered his talent as a very young artiste and started music at the his young age.

Now he has released just few songs and still making plans to releasing more soon. Keep expecting more massive hits from him as he’ll be updating you all as soon as it is out.

Number of songs: total number of 11 songs

Name’s of song:

1) Poverty cause
2) Body de hot
3) Turn to waste
4) Under skirt
5) Chop an go
6) Panya
7) Cinaye
8) Hey boo
9) Fly away
10) Sugar bomb
11) Knack shot

Number of features/ collaboration: total number of 4 collaborations

1) Emek
2) G9ite
3) Yade mixe
4) Culaboratiin

You can contact this talented music act on these various handles below

Email address: BRIGHTTOPCHAT@gmail.com

Watsapp number: +(234)9016721709

Facebook: topchat Jombo

Contact number of manager: N/R

Instagram: topchat Jombo
YouTube channel: N/R

Twitter: N/R

Linked in: N/R

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